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You are looking for a favorable possibility for time living or the living on time - Book a hotel subscription now as an alternative to a second home over a longer period of time! Book directly online and pay securely. Hotel subscription with 4 to 16 nights per month  book and stay cheap in hotel. Enjoy additional benefits as a MyFlexHome customer. 

Your advantages

Unbeatable hotel prices

Negotiated & favorable rates

Monthly term

no obligations - can be cancelled monthly

Flexible use

push unused nights to the next month*.

Exclusive subscription benefits

e.g. luggage storage between stays

*maximum the number of nights of your active subscription

Stay at the hotel by the day

Hotel booking in easy - with one click. Book a room as often as you need it, between 4 and 16 nights per month.

Your hotel at a budget price

Book a hotel at a budget price and benefit from consistently low rates. The quick and easy way to stay at the hotel for the long term.

Simple and flexible living

Your plans have changed? No problem, just use up your unused subscription nights next month or take a break.

This is how it works

Your advantages

Unbeatable hotel rates

up to 60% cheaper than single bookings

Cancellable monthly

Commitments with monthly maturity

Exclusive subscription benefits

e.g. luggage storage between stays

Flexible use

push unused nights to the next month

Zeitwohnen: Save money with your hotel subscription

You lead a hybrid work model and constantly commute back and forth between your home and the office? So you lose valuable hours, the fuel costs are high and this brings no advantage to you or your family? 

Sometimes you stay in a hotel, but have spent a lot of money on individual bookings for it so far. Or are you perhaps a permanent tenant in the hotel at horrendous prices? Then it's time for time living!

Which "Temporary housing"
Housing options available for commuters?

Temporary housing includes various forms of furnished and temporary living. Depending on the usage behavior and the desired service, there are different solutions:

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What is time living?

The living on time is certainly not a new principle. However, it can bring you significant benefits in the form of a hotel subscription! For example, for two office days a week, you can simply stay at a hotel nearby. Cost-effective, Co2-saving and without long car journeys. So you book the necessary nights in a hotel of your choice and spend the remaining home office days relaxing at home. 

This is how it works

Find favorite hotel

Find the right hotel near your office location and enjoy special benefits.

Book subscription

Choose from 4 to 16 nights per month and book all your nights with just one click.

Flexible living

Stay flexible and save money instead of paying rent every month.

Long term living in hotel

With the hotel subscription of MyFlexHome you can flexibly choose a model between 4 and 16 nights. You choose the hotel that suits you best and don't have to worry about anything. So, should you ever have to stay in a hotel for a longer period of time because your job requires you to be on site for an extended period of time? For example, you can rent a hotel room for 1 month. In fact, you can customize your nights any way you want. Temporary living is therefore flexible and tailored to your individual needs!  

Hotel subscription for commuters and weekenders in Munich?

Learn more about the hotel subscription in Munich now.

Other cities:

Currently we are working on building up our offer of hotel subscriptions in Berlin. Register now and receive exclusive hotel deals for Berlin as soon as we are online.

Currently we are working on building up our offer of hotel subscriptions in Hamburg. Register now and receive exclusive hotel deals for Hamburg as soon as we are online.

Currently we are working on building up our offer of hotel subscriptions in Frankfurt. Register now and receive exclusive hotel deals for Frankfurt as soon as we are online.

Currently we are working on building up our offer of hotel subscriptions in Cologne. Register now and receive exclusive hotel deals for Cologne as soon as we are online.

Currently we are working on building up our offer of hotel subscriptions in Düsseldorf. Register now and receive exclusive hotel deals for Düsseldorf as soon as we are online.

How does MyFlexHome work?

The hotel subscription works simply and straightforwardly. You choose the right hotel and the number of nights for time living. Should you need more nights, you can stock them up. Unused nights can be carried over to the next month. You pay only for used nights! The subscription period is 1 month. The subscription is for the hotel, if you want to change it, you have to make a new subscription.  

Frequently asked questions about Zeitwohnen

This means renting a hotel for a limited period of time. It can mean both long-stay and flex-stay. Long-stay offers typically involve renting a fixed hotel for a period greater than 1 month. Flex-Stay requires a recurring number of nights per month. These can be mapped via a hotel subscription, which can be flexibly adapted to the respective needs per month.

Temporary hotel accommodation is suitable for all those who regularly need a certain number of nights per month in the same city. The requirement here is to pay a constant monthly price and not the dynamic price like many hotels.

At MyFlexHome hotel nights can be booked by subscription. You can choose from 4 to 16 nights per month in a flexible subscription model – which can be adjusted monthly to suit individual needs.

What are the advantages of the hotel subscription?

Living in the hotel brings you comfort first of all! You don't have to take care of the household. Come to rest after your work day and enjoy the rest of the evening in a nice hotel! That's why you should switch to temporary living with a hotel subscription: 

Save money with time-share and cheap hotel rates 
With a room on time through MyFlexHome you save up to 60% of the costs that you would expect with individual bookings. would expect.  

Tax advantage through your hotel subscription 
The cost of your hotel subscription is tax deductible, but you do not have to pay second home tax! In addition, you can expect no additional costs for electricity or internet.  

CO2 reduction 
Less commuting, means less Co2 emissions. For commuters rooms are usually spent many hours in cars. This is not only bad for the environment, but also for personal well-being.  

Minimize your risk of accidents 
One of the most important reasons to rent a hotel instead of getting into your car tired, worn out and exhausted: A much lower risk of accidents! Every day, people drive home by car and fight their fatigue. For a short car ride, this may often go well, but larger distances, the risk increases significantly!

Hotel room long term rental - Must it be?

Natural does not have to be, but it just makes sense! Long office days mean that you often get home very late. There are long car journeys ahead of you and there's no time left for the family anyway. Exhaustion and stress are the result. By having a temporary room that is only used when it is needed, you can remedy the situation. Hotel permanent rent, that is, renting a hotel room for a long time, first of all brings valuable quality of life.  

Live in the hotel and start the new age! 

Rent hotel, stay as long as necessary. Then spend the time at home and comfortably return to the same hotel as soon as another office day is due. Temporary living can be so easy! With the hotel subscription from MyFlexHome you create a stress-free life!

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