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Long-term stay in Cologne - Living in a hotel - Book now by subscription.

You are looking for a long term stay or long term rental – Book hotel rooms for a longer period now! Search for your favorite hotel in Cologne. Book directly online and pay securely. 100% safe. Now individual hotel subscription with 4 to 12 nights per month book and stay cheap in hotel. Enjoy additional benefits as a MyFlexHome customer. MyFlexHome offers with the hotel subscription the solution for your recurring overnight stays per month, whether you regularly travel to another city for work or need to stay overnight for other reasons.

You would like to rent a long-term accommodation or furnished apartment for a limited period of time – but you need your room not a complete month? A rented apartment would often be empty during your absence? The solution is a Hotel subscriptionHere you pay only for the nights you actually use. Read through our tips for temporary living on

Home office at favorite location -
Temporary living for your days at the office.

With the flexibility of hybrid work models you can freely choose your place of residence, for days of presence in the office you use a hotel by subscription. MyFlexHome offers with the hotel subscription the solution for your recurring overnight stays for your professional and regular overnight stays.

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What are the forms of long-term stay?

For long-term stays there are long-stay and flex-stay offers. The serviced apartment and furnished apartment is designed on long-stay and is typically booked per month. But if you are looking for only 4-12 nights per month as a long-term accommodation , then the hotel subscription is exactly the right solution for you.

Why should you use a hotel for your long-term stay?

The hotel subscription offers you a fully flexible solution with little effort! Save yourself the hassle of apartment hunting and the cost of moving. You don’t have to sign a lease and you don’t have to pay a deposit. Unlike other long-term accommodations, you can stay by the day and only pay for the nights you actually use and not for the entire month.

For whom is a hotel subscription suitable for a long-term stay?

MyFlexHome’s hotel subscription is suitable for target groups who regularly need to stay overnight in the same city and are looking for a simple and uncomplicated option for their stay, without a high administrative burden – but only want to pay for nights actually used.

These are for example:
Employees with home office share

– Hybrid Worker


– Weekend home driver

– Doctors (with affiliated practice)
– Young Professionals

– Master students

PhD students

These individuals are required to stay overnight for a specific period of time (often project or job related) in another city where they do not live.

This is how it works

Live and work where you want with MyFlexHome.
Use MyFlexHome's flexible hotel subscription for your office days and otherwise live in your desired location.

Find favorite hotel

near your office location and enjoy special benefits.

Book subscription

Choose between 4 to 12 nights per month and book all your nights with just one click (one-click booking).

Flexible living

Stay flexible and save money (pay-as-you-use) instead of paying rent every month.

Feel at home in the hotel!

As a guest at the hotel you enjoy special benefits as a MyFlexHome customer. For example, you can leave one piece of luggage at the hotel between your stays and you can commute without a lot of luggage. You know the area of the hotel and the staff and as a regular customer you will receive excellent service.

A hotel subscription is the alternative to temporary furnished living , interim rental or long-term accommodation. In the hotel subscription, you do not pay any commission, nor do you have to pay a deposit. Whether you are looking for a central temporary apartment near the main train station or a 1-bedroom apartment, we can offer you an alternative to renting.

Why should you use a hotel subscription for your long-term stay?

– No minimum rental period & can be cancelled monthly

– No service charges & second home tax
No complicated contract structure & no deposit
– Number of nights per month changeable at any time
– Up to 50% cheaper than individual hotel bookings
– You pay only your used nights instead of a complete month
– Take advantage of the benefits of a hotel (e.g. room cleaning, gym)
– Easy booking due to the “One-Click Booking

Your long term hotel rental - Home is not a place it's a feeling

Feel at home in the hotel, as if it were your second home in Cologne. Book now your accommodation for a long term stay or long term rental at one of our hotels on Your second home can be a hotel room or a serviced apartment.

The MyFlexHome mediation platform specializes in long-term stays between 4 to 12 nights a month – with fully furnished rooms and maisonettes in our partner hotels, you can find your second home near your place of work by the month or for a longer period. Treat yourself to better service than you would in a rental property such as cleaning service. Our selected hotels are perfect for temporary living near your place of work – for those necessary days in the office – when you’re not working from your home office.

Long-term hotel rental in Cologne: How does it actually work? 

Long-term stay or long-term rental in a hotel is the ideal service for people who for a long period of time regularly need a great accommodation near their place of work search With a mix of comfort, central location and great price, you’ll find the hotel in Cologne that’s right for you at MyFlexHome. The MyFlexHome mediation platform offers favorable prices for Long term stays between 4-12 nights per month, which are cheap all year round and much lower compared to the daily prices (per night). The subscription model of MyFlexHome is the tailor-made solution for your long-term living in a hotel

You are looking for a temporary accommodation or a second home? 

We have good news for you! You can stop looking. You’ve come to the right place. MyFlexHome’s hotel subscription combines the comfort of a hotel with a flexible subscription model, where you pay only for the nights you use.

MyFlexHome is the elegant solution for your needs as a “Hybrid Worker” with 4-12 nights per month near your work location. During your long-term stay, our hotel rooms or spacious studios and apartments, combine the comfort of your home with the amenities of a hotel. And the best part? There are numerous locations for you to choose from, from hip accommodations in this favorite neighborhood to living in the trendy district in the middle of downtown. Many accommodations have a fully equipped kitchen and living rooms designed in a contemporary flair.

The comfort of a hotel combined with the convenience of your own rental apartment for your long-term stay.

Enjoy the comfort of a hotel in many accommodations on MyFlexHome, combined with the advantages of your own rental apartment: self-catering kitchenette with dishes, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, stove.

Permanent rental in hotel in your city - long-term stay between 4 and 12 nights per month

Welcome to your No.1 booking portal for your long term stay between 4 and 12 nights per month. The second home near your place of work – home office at your favorite place. Our hotel rooms or Serviced Apartments for your long-term stay as a permanent rental you can easily and flexibly book by subscription. Booking your individual nights is as easy as one click – Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.

MyFlexHome’s hotel subscription is perfect for temporary living near your business location in Cologne and can be booked for stays of 4 to 12 nights per month as a permanent rental – for those who want to come home while they are in their second home.


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