Long-term stay in Stuttgart - living in a hotel

You are looking for a long-term stay or long-term rental - Book a hotel room for a longer period now! Search for your favorite hotel in Stuttgart. Book directly online and pay securely. 100% safe. Book your individual hotel subscription now for 4 to 16 nights per month and stay in a hotel at a reasonable price. Enjoy additional benefits as a MyFlexHome customer. MyFlexHome's hotel subscription is the solution for your recurring overnight stays each month, regardless of whether you regularly travel to another city on business or have to stay overnight for other reasons.

MyFlexHome is Germany's first hotel subscription and the living solution for people in hybrid working models with separate living and working locations.

How do our customers use the hotel subscription?

For hybrid working models

Your solution for office days when you don't live near the office.

Instead of time-consuming individual bookings

Instead of searching for the right hotel in your city every time, you can book your overnight stays at affordable and negotiated hotel rates by subscription.

As an alternative to a second home

You regularly work in another city but a second home is too expensive and time-consuming for you? Then the hotel subscription is the flexible solution for your overnight stays on site - can be canceled monthly.

Your advantages

Unbeatable hotel prices

Negotiated & favorable rates

Monthly term

no obligations - can be cancelled monthly

Flexible use

push unused nights to the next month*.

Exclusive subscription benefits

e.g. luggage storage between stays

*maximum the number of nights of your active subscription

Stay at the hotel by the day

Hotel booking in easy - with one click. Book a room as often as you need it, between 4 and 16 nights per month.


Your hotel at a budget price

Book a hotel at a budget price and benefit from consistently low rates. The quick and easy way to stay at the hotel for the long term.

Simple and flexible living

Your plans have changed? No problem, just use up your unused subscription nights next month or take a break.

This is how it works

Find favorite hotel

Find the right hotel and enjoy special benefits.

Book subscription

Choose from 4 to 16 nights per month and book all your nights with just one click.

Flexible living

Stay flexible and save money instead of paying rent every month.


Experience Stuttgart - enjoy flexibility

From the historic old town to up-and-coming districts such as Stuttgart-West and Stuttgart-East, Stuttgart offers a wide range of unique neighborhoods. Each district has its own character and invites you to explore.

Immerse yourself in the diversity and charm of the city of Stuttgart while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a hotel subscription. Whether you are traveling on business or staying for a longer period of time for other reasons - our offer provides you with a comfortable temporary living space in Stuttgart.

Hotel subscription for your long-term stay in one of Stuttgart's city districts?


Find out more about the hotel subscription in Stuttgart now.

Versatile accommodation options

Choose your preferred accommodation from our hotels in Stuttgart and enjoy a temporary home without being tied to long-term rental contracts. MyFlexHome allows you to stay flexible while enjoying the amenities of a hotel.

Top 20 companies in Stuttgart

The hotel subscription is ideal for hybrid working models with a home office share of 40-60%, which is offered by many companies.

Hotel subscription for your hybrid work model

You want to rent a long-term accommodation or furnished apartment on time - need but your room a complete month? A rented apartment would often be empty during your absence? The solution is a Hotel subscriptionHere you pay only for the nights you actually use. Read through our tips for temporary living on www.myflexhome.de

With the flexibility of hybrid work models, you can freely choose your freely choose your place of residence,  For days of presence in the office you use a hotel by subscription. MyFlexHome offers with the hotel subscription the solution  for your recurring overnight stays for your professional and regular overnight stays.

Live and work where you want with MyFlexHome.

Flexible living in a hotel - our hotel subscription makes it possible!

The future of work demands new concepts to meet the needs of the modern professional. In particular, people in hybrid work models who only need to be present in the office two to three days a week and do not live near their office need flexible and practical housing solutions. This is exactly where MyFlexHome comes in and presents you with the ideal accommodation in the form of our hotel subscription.

Whether for four days a month or for permanent hotel rental - at MyFlexHome you can rent your favorite hotel for four to 16 nights a month. You receive the subscription at a constantly low price. We offer you the flexibility and amenities of a hotel combined with the comfort and privacy of your own apartment. With MyFlexHome you can rent a hotel room on a monthly basis and focus on your work. Through our subscription you will receive exclusive benefits and up to 60% discounted hotel rates. In addition, you benefit from flexible use. Unused hotel nights do not expire, but can easily be moved to the next month. Conveniently, our subscription can be cancelled monthly, so you don't have to make any commitments and always remain flexible.

What advantages do I have with a hotel subscription?

- No minimum rental period & can be canceled monthly
- No service charges & second home tax
- No complicated contract structure & no deposit
- Number of nights per month changeable at any time
- Up to 50% cheaper than individual hotel bookings
- You pay only your used nights instead of a complete month
- Take advantage of the benefits of a hotel (e.g. room cleaning, gym)
- Easy booking due to the "One-Click Booking

Learn more about the MyFlexHome hotel subscription now.

The new trend - living in the hotel subscription

Living in the hotel. And at a reasonable price, in a centrally located place, for a selected number of days per month. This offer not only sounds optimal, but can be customized with MyFlexHome's hotel subscription.

But what exactly is a hotel subscription?

Hotel subscription is a modern form of renting, where customers have the opportunity to rent a hotel room for a certain number of days every month. 

MyFlexHome offers 4-12 hotel nights in a subscription at a constant price. Currently in Munich, and soon in other German cities as well, visitors can choose from a list of hotels. Among them Ibis, Premier Inn or SMARTments. In short, a variation of good hotels with something for everyone.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a significant factor contributing to the development of new trends in the workplace. But it is not only the home office that is proving popular today.
way of working, but also temporary living has experienced a major upswing in recent years. For example, it is very common nowadays to spend part of the weekly working hours in the office and the rest of the time in the home office. If one's residence is not close to the office, then this trend is the perfect solution to conveniently combine office days with a selected hotel room.
Apart from the customizable hotel long-term rental, you also have to consider some other Consider advantages.

The option to simply move unused nights to the following month allows you to remain flexible at work as well. And to guarantee a constant, good work performance.

In addition, the hotel subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis, which means that you are not bound to a month-long term. A great advantage that clearly distinguishes hotel living from rental apartments.

Entirely dependent on the hotel, there is also another advantage to mention: the exclusive subscription benefits. This means that besides the hotel room itself, you can get other benefits from the subscription. For example, luggage storage between stays or discounts in the hotel restaurant.

What's more, there is no need to worry about the cost of infrastructure, such as electricity and gas.   

The last and probably the biggest bonus of the long-term hotels are probably the unbeatable prices. In contrast to rental apartments or individual bookings in hotels, permanent rent in a hotel saves up to 60% of the cost.

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