Top hotel subscription for hybrid workers

Your hotel subscription from 4 nights per month

Top hotel subscription for hybrid workers

Welcome to MyFlexHome, the leading hotel subscription service for the modern hybrid workplace.
We offer the perfect hotel subscription for hybrid work.

Live and work wherever you want with MyFlexHome

Say goodbye to the restrictions of traditional housing models and enjoy a flexible hotel stay tailored to today's dynamic work environment. MyFlexHomes hotel subscription for remote workers and commuters offers an unprecedented combination of mobility benefits and forward-thinking accommodations. Whether you're a remote worker looking for a temporary place to stay for specific days or a commuter wanting a consistent and comfortable stay, our subscriptions have a solution for everything. Imagine the freedom of working 1-4 days in the office and then retiring to premium accommodations, all without the stress of having to maintain a second home.

What other companies appreciate about us

Flexible cost split between company and employees

Companies can define an individual cost transfer name for each employee.

More satisfied employees in hybrid work models

Companies increase the credibility of their home office arrangement by offering a hotel subscription.

Support for the back-to-office strategy

A hotel subscription near the office encourages employees to return to the office.

New work accommodations for today's top talent

In the competitive landscape to attract and retain top talent, creative employee benefits can make all the difference. MyFlexHome introduces the concept of new work accommodations, a revolutionary employee benefit.

Why choose a hotel subscription as an employee benefit? Very simple. Furnished housing allows employees to focus on what they do best.

This is a workplace benefit that goes above and beyond and shows that you are committed to the well-being and flexibility of employees. By incorporating all-inclusive price accommodations, you're not only promoting employee comfort, but also emphasizing that your brand truly cares.

Choosing MyFlexHomes hotel subscription is more than just staying; it means adopting a lifestyle of flexibility and innovation. Why should you consider our hotel subscription as an employee benefit? Besides being the top hotel subscription, we advocate hybrid work and offer perfect accommodation solutions for it. For employees, it's an unparalleled blend of comfort and freedom that transforms the notion of workplace benefits into tangible, daily experiences.

Allow your employees geographical freedom

Imagine a world where your employees aren't tied to one location, where they enjoy the benefits of remote work and still have the ability to be on-site when needed. MyFlexHomes hotel subscription offers exactly this empowerment. It goes beyond simply offering accommodation as an employee benefit; it gives them the freedom of choice. Let your employees experience the benefits of flexible living so they feel valued, and see increased productivity and loyalty in return.

Be a forward-thinking employer, focus on their well-being and promote a work-life balance like never before. By granting autonomous choice of location, you not only boost morale, but also foster a culture of trust and inclusivity. With MyFlexHome, you're not just offering accommodation, you're laying the foundation for personal and professional growth.

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