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You are looking for a cheap hotel room for your temporary residence - Book hotel rooms for a longer period now! Book directly online and pay securely. Hotel subscription with 4 to 16 nights per month  book and stay cheap in hotel. Enjoy additional benefits as a MyFlexHome customer. 

This is how it works

Your advantages

Unbeatable hotel rates

up to 60% cheaper than single bookings

Cancellable monthly

Commitments with monthly maturity

Exclusive subscription benefits

e.g. luggage storage between stays

Flexible use

push unused nights to the next month

Live on time in cheap hotel subscription in Munich

Living space has become extraordinarily scarce in recent years. Rents are exploding, especially in metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. Those who use a hybrid work model and only need a second home in Munich, for example, either pay a small fortune or cannot find a home at all. Flexible accommodation in quality hotels at reasonable prices can solve this problem.

For whom is is a hotel subscription suitable?

Since the beginning of 2020, the world of work in Germany has changed. Working 5 days a week in the office is no longer a matter of course. Until a full home office without the need for office presence becomes established, many employers and employees are adopting hybrid models. The work location is one to four days per week at home and the remaining days in the office. If the place of residence is more than an hour's drive away from the workplace, a cheap overnight stay in Munich is needed. Due to the extreme housing shortage, the city in Munich has doubled the second home tax to 18% as of January 1, 2022. This does not apply to occasional stays at the hotel. In addition, the hotel subscription is tax deductible.

Cheap hotel booking subscription to "Live on time

Live on time in a cheap hotel subscription compared to hotel single bookings - Save up to 60% every month with a hotel subscription vs. from individual bookings in the hotel. Benefit from the "One-Click Booking" in your MyFlexHome Dashboard. Your advantage, constant prices throughout the year - you avoid trade fair and event surcharges.

This is how it works

Find favorite hotel

Find the right hotel near your office location and enjoy special benefits.

Book subscription

Choose from 4 to 16 nights per month and book all your nights with just one click.

Flexible living

Stay flexible and save money instead of paying rent every month.

What does the subscription offer?

Cheap hotels from 260/month are a rarity in Munich. Compared to individual bookings, you can save up to 60% on the hotel subscription. Insider tips and low prices even offer cheap accommodation in Munich-Schwabing, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. A cheap hotel at Munich's main train station provides optimal access to long-distance and local transportation.

Environmental friendliness

Did you know that 4-16 hotel nights by subscription lowers your carbon footprint? Efficient use of housing in metropolitan areas is of great importance. In addition, you save CO₂ as well as costs for the train or fuel if you commute less. 

Cheap hotel booking in subscription to live temporarily in Munich?

Learn more about the hotel subscription in Munich now.

Enjoy hotel comfort at a reasonable price

Ahotel offers many advantages. In addition to the simple and uncomplicated online booking through our portal, you enjoy a lot of comfort. Your room will be cleaned every day while you are at work. You pay no extra charges, use free Wi-Fi and can store your luggage at some hotels. Do you value gym, swimming pool or sauna? Then choose your budget hotel that suits you.

Secure exclusive hotel offers now!

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Flexibility with hotel subscription as cheap
Type of housing

WThe hotel subscription is not only cancelable monthly, but also completely flexible. There is no minimum rental period, you can change the number of nights per month at any time and take unused nights into the following month. Neither do you have to pay a deposit, nor do you have to sign a rental contract. You pay only for the nights you use the accommodation. Want to cook for yourself to save more money? Then choose one of the apartments in Munich.

Cheap hotel from 260€ per month

Cheap hotels in the center of Munich do not exist? Not with individual bookings, but in our hotel subscription you will find your budget hotel. Although the budget is usually very limited, no one really wants to spend the night in a dormitory or dirty accommodation. Can you imagine getting a clean double room at the hotel for great prices? You can book it on a subscription basis and save up to 60%. You can book 4-16 hotel nights in subscription per month - temporary living at good prices.

Frugality with subscription

Don't want to spend all your money on two rents, utilities and normal day-to-day living? Understandable. Of course, you can get an expensive second home, furnish it, and be permanently tied to it in addition to the ongoing costs. But you can also book your budget hotel cheap in subscription and pay only the nights you use. If you have a vacation or get sick, you can simply take the remaining nights with you into the next month.


Life, everyday life, the job and the family - it's all complicated enough. Looking for an apartment and committing to it or grabbing a cheap hotel in Munich-Schwabing several times a month causes additional stress. You can also book your favorite hotel on a subscription basis and benefit from our constant subscription price. You receive your monthly invoice 100% digitally, as well as an annual overview for your tax return. Do all your bookings with one click - no hassles with payment or twenty details to fill in.


Your work schedule for the next few weeks is set, but all the hotels near your workplace are fully booked? Trade fair, Oktoberfest, international events - in the course of the year it happens from time to time that there is no room available. Or the prices are utopian and absolutely unaffordable. What now? You still have to show up at the office. With our subscription you can permanently book top hotels at low prices. We guarantee you booking security up to one week before check-in. How to do it? It's simple: the hotels profit by achieving good occupancy rates even in the low season, and you benefit from insider tips and low prices even in the high season.

Best Price Guarantee

You find your hotel at great prices cheaper on a booking site? Send us a photo with the price in the same room category and we will refund the difference. 

The hotel subscription in detail for your cheap hotel stay

At MyFlexHome you can book every month 4 - 16 nights cheaply in a subscription. Find your cheap hotel from 59Euro per night. You can choose between 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 nights per month. You don't know if the model or the chosen hotel suits you? No problem - book a few nights for the first month, try out the hotel and temporary living and then decide. Do you like the hotel and everything fits? Then you can just let the subscription run. The number of nights does not fit? You can quickly fix that too by booking more or fewer nights for the next month. Don't like the hotel? Cancel at the end of the month and just try another one. The hotel is nice, but eating out is way too expensive? Choose an apartment with a kitchenette. You are completely flexible and can decide on your subscription every month.


Book tophotels cheaply is possible with our hotel subscription. Predictability of expenses, as well as full flexibility are suitable for all commuters with hybrid work models. Save unnecessary expenses for a little-used apartment near your workplace. Instead, enjoy the comfort of a hotel or apartment - including cleaning service and many other benefits. Home office at your favorite location and hotel subscription for office days - configure your suitable offer.


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