Furnished room to Temporary living in Munich

In today's rapidly changing world, high mobility is a requirement for many. In order to enable this mobility and flexibility, various housing concepts had developed for this purpose, which are intended for a temporary period. An example is a furnished apartment or furnished room used for temporary living. Also a hotel subscription is a solution for temporary living for 4 to 12 nights per month and replaces a furnished room booking.

Why should you use a hotel for "temporary living"?

With the hotel subscription you have full flexibility with little effort! Save yourself the stress of apartment hunting and the cost of moving. You don't have to sign a lease and you don't have to pay a deposit. Unlike other housing options, you can live by the day and only pay for actual usage instead of the full month.

What is meant by temporary living in a furnished apartment?

Behind the idea are very different concepts that have the following in common: In all concepts, housing is offered for a limited period of time; the use does not take place permanently. Whether it is a vacant room in a shared apartment or a fully furnished apartment or a furnished Zimmner. Temporary housing is also called Temporary housing referred to. Many of the newer housing concepts originated in America and are often grouped under the term "serviced apartments."

Your advantages

Unbeatable hotel prices

Negotiated & favorable rates

Monthly term

no obligations - can be cancelled monthly

Flexible use

push unused nights to the next month*.

Exclusive subscription benefits

e.g. luggage storage between stays

*maximum the number of nights of your active subscription

Stay at the hotel by the day

Hotel booking in easy - with one click. Book a room as often as you need it, between 4 and 16 nights per month.

Your hotel at a budget price

Book a hotel at a budget price and benefit from consistently low rates. The quick and easy way to stay at the hotel for the long term.

Simple and flexible living

Your plans have changed? No problem, just use up your unused subscription nights next month or take a break.

Why would I want to live in a furnished room on a temporary basis?

The reason for choosing a temporary housing concept in Munich can be very different. In many cases, the job plays a decisive role. Many workers have moved elsewhere during the Corona pandemic, but still need to go to their employer's location from time to time. Another reason may be project-related job that requires a temporary housing solution. These so-called job nomads would like to time-consuming search for an apartment and the expense of furnishing an apartment. Temporary living in a furnished apartment has many advantages for this group.

Another alternative to the serviced apartment can be a hotel subscription. This involves booking a certain number of nights in a hotel as a subscription. You only have to pay for nights you use - unused nights can be moved to the next subscription month. Temporary living in a furnished hotel room has the advantage of being able to use hotel services that are not available in a serviced apartment or boarding house. There are also various private reasons that speak about a temporary living concept in Munich. An example is temporary furnished accommodation to test out a new place to live.

What are the concepts for furnished living in Munich?

In addition to the traditional solutions for a furnished room, such as interim rent or living in a student dormitory, concepts from the Anglo-American region are also becoming increasingly widespread in Germany, as are innovative solutions such as a hotel subscription offered in Munich. Broadly speaking, the following concepts can be distinguished:

The Boardinghouse:
Unlike the apartment hotel, the boarding house is designed for a longer stay. The similarities between the two concepts prevail. The German Hotel and Restaurant Association defines the boardinghouse as a lodging establishment that is mostly aimed at long-term users in an urban environment. In most cases, the rooms are very similar to a private apartment in terms of furnishings. The service level is lower than in the previous year. the apartment hotel significantly lower and can not be compared with that of a hotel. The boarding house is mostly used by business travelers as well as employees from the construction industry who work and live in another city for a longer period of time. Like apartment hotels, boarding houses in Germany have so far been dominated by smaller providers; larger companies or hotel chains are still the exception.

The hotel subscription:
An innovative concept for temporary furnished living is the hotel subscription . With a hotel subscription, you get to enjoy the benefits of a hotel, but you can rent it at a constant monthly price. Customers choose their favorite hotels, take out a subscription for a desired number of nights and can use them flexibly. If fewer nights are needed in one month, they can be carried over to the next month. The concept of hotel subscriptions was brought to market by Munich-based startup MyFlexHome in 2022. Customers can choose between 4 and 12 nights per month at a fixed price book on www.myflexhome.de.

The apartment hotel:
In an apartment hotel are rented fully furnished apartments, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. Apartments are typically attached to a hotel and can be complemented by services provided by the hotel. Some services that often offered are cleaning of the furnished room and provision of fresh towels and bed linen. Breakfast can also be booked additionally. The apartment hotel is primarily suitable for people who are looking for short-term accommodation, but do not want to rent it permanently and long-term. Currently, the majority of apartment hotels in Germany are owner-managed. In recent years, large hotel chains from the Anglo-American region have also entered this segment.


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