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hotel subscription
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push unused nights to the next month*.

*maximum the number of nights of your active subscription

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Book a hotel at a budget price and benefit from consistently low rates. The quick and easy way to stay at the hotel for the long term.

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Flexible living

Stay flexible and save money instead of paying rent every month.

Hybrid work needs hybrid living - the solution for weekenders

Employment relationships are changing and with them the housing situation for employees. The home office has not only grown in necessity over the pandemic years, but also in popularity. The new way of working is spreading across the labor market, as independent division of labor brings some advantages. More and more employees tend to work hybrid hours and locations, the 5-day week in the office has become obsolete for many. 

Commuting has now become an integral part of the working world. Weekend commuters regularly move between two locations, and daily commuters are constantly on their way to work. The question that comes up is always the same: Is renting a commuter room, or even an entire commuter apartment, worth it? What is clear is that there is currently no adequate housing concept for either weekenders or spontaneous commuters. A second home at high prices and obligations is still widespread here. Is there a more practical option for short-term living?

Temporary living with hotel subscription as an alternative to a commuter room

Living in a hotel through MyFlexHome eliminates several complications with which Commuters face rented rooms and apartments. On the one hand, the rent for commuter rooms and commuter apartments is very high relative to the actual housing use. To constantly arrange furnished rooms at the place of work for interim rent is an additional workload in the long run. And especially if you are not permanently on site yourself. Considering the ever-increasing prices in big cities, the ratio rent commuter apartment is a tense one. Two residences therefore pose an acute financial problem for many weekenders. 

Commuters use their apartments too sporadically to take on the commitment of a lease and managing another apartment. With a hotel subscription, on the other hand, weekend commuters benefit from temporary rent: They are actually only paid for the nights they actually spend in the city.

Living in the hotel for commuters and weekly home drivers

Apart from commuters using a room adapted to their working conditions, MyFlexHome also solves overlapping problems in the long run. Because affordable housing is generally increasingly scarce, rents are rising and many people are being forced to move out of the big cities. With a large number of hotel subscriptions, residential vacancies can be avoided, which would ease the housing market. The excess rental costs can be bypassed by commuters in return. 

Weekend commuters also benefit the hotel industry. The decline in hotel bookings resulting from online vacation rentals has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Rooms for weekenders are available here. With a new target group of commuters, the hotel industry is reactivated in a meaningful way. After all, with a recurring base of visitors, hotels can rebuild consistent revenue after such uncertain times. 

Overall, short-term hotel living can appropriately allocate housing space in cities, benefiting permanent city residents as well as weekend home-stayers. After all, commuters claiming an entire second home has become obsolete with the new hybrid work arrangements.

Better use of housing through hotel subscriptions for commuters

Basically, the concept of MyFlexHome offers solutions to problems on several levels. First and foremost, the hotel subscription responds directly to changing working conditions and integrates the realities of home offices and flexible office hours. Weekend home drivers thus become more freedom in weekly planning and mobility. You can now flexibly alternate between the familiar home and the place of work without having to carry the worries of a second home. 

In addition, commuter housing is once again available to permanent city residents. If these apartments are released, this eases the real estate market and the search for housing, especially in large cities. The hotel industry is reaching a new customer base and expanding its offering in favor of hybrid working. 

Uncomplicated and individual. This is the most concise way to describe temporary living with MyFlexHome. The commuter apartment takes a back seat and an advantageous living concept is established. The monthly subscription can be changed at any time and generates a pleasant work in the city and at the same time a carefree time in the home office. The temporary commuter room is a first step towards adapting the whole housing market, from which everyone can already benefit.

Uncomplicated & fast booking

Would you like to experience the benefits of our hotel subscription? Become part of the future of living and enjoy the benefits of the New Work residential solution, as well as the permanent hotel rental. Experience the perfect combination of flexibility, comfort and style.

Make your next long-term stay a memorable one and enjoy the benefits of a customized living solution.

More information about the hotel subscription from MyFlexHome

Visit our website at www.myflexhome.de for more information and to rent your desired hotel room on a monthly basis. With our subscription you can quickly and easily rent your favorite hotel. Our friendly staff is available to answer questions, help with booking and find the perfect solution for you. Whether you're a weekend homebody, work in a hybrid work model, or are simply looking for a convenient and flexible living option, we've got you covered.

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